The EXCELLERAT journey continues!

date: 20.01.2023

category: News

We are happy to announce that also the second phase of the Excellerat project has been funded, thus partners continue their mission, which is, bringing together European expertise and services to support engineering applications towards exascale.

Last week Arctur Team joined partners in a kick-off meeting at HLRS - High-Performance Computing Center Stuttgart. Partners presented future project activities which will enable the further sustainability of the CoE. 

The EXCELLERAT project is a single point of access for expertise on how data management, data analytics, visualisation, simulation-driven design and Co-design with high-performance computing (HPC) can benefit engineering, especially in the aeronautics, automotive, energy and manufacturing sectors.

EXCELLERAT aims to tackle the ever-rising complexity of scientific and development endeavours. Thus, Exascale computing is our focus, which will solve highly complex and costly engineering problems, and create enhanced technological solutions even at the development stage.  In the first project phase which ran from December 2018 until May 2021, Arctur lead the task dedicated to the research and production of three comprehensive market assessments, which were the basis for the CoE operation, Service Portal and business plan development.

Excellerat Service Portal offers a range of services such as training and individual consultations that helps different types of users incorporate Exascale solutions (data analytics, data management, HPC, co-design, visualisation, codes for simulations) into their research or product development.  Arctur also took care of promo materials design and produced an appealing Service Portal introduction video. Materials could be found here. 

In the second phase, our main focus will be the Excellerat Service Portal redesign in all aspects, implementing visual, UX and technical improvements. We will also support the project at other tasks, mainly in task for market assessments production, project communication and dissemination part.

Arctur Team is looking forward to collaborating with all partners again!

Learn more about the project here.