Together with other EU partners, Arctur is contributing to digital transformation in Montenegro within the DigNest project

date: 12.01.2022

category: News

By sharing best practices, experiences and knowledge, Arctur is contributing to the enhancement of the staff members from Montenegrin DigNest project partners knowledge level and indirectly influences the enhancement of the cooperation between Montenegrin Higher Educational Institutions with wider businesses, accelerating the general digital transformation in Montenegro.

Digitalisation, technology and digital tools are essential in all areas of research - from fintech, physics, agriculture, engineering, environment to biomedicine - to achieve scientific understanding and breakthroughs. State-of-the-art technologies are indispensable tools for researchers and policymakers in tackling major societal challenges, from climate change, smart and green development, and sustainable agriculture to adapted medicine and crisis management.

As a well-known European hi-technology company, a pioneer for digital tools and solutions for Industry 4.0 and Tourism 4.0 area, Arctur was honored to share its own best practices with project partners on the training event held online on 8th of December.  

For the training, Arctur´s experts made a short introduction to HPC and presented use cases from the health and agriculture sectors, which were created through the Fortissimo project with the help of HPC services. In addition, the use of digitization and 3D modeling in the field of cultural heritage and sustainable development and utilization of big data in Tourism 4.0 was highlighted.

Find more information about the DigNest project here.