Amazing Amazon of Europe update

date: 21.12.2021

category: News

Project Amazing AoE aims to enhance sustainable economic growth and tourism development based on distinctive natural and cultural heritage, which will result in collaboration network of key actors and enabling environment for high-quality tourism, responding to limited resources of ecosystems.

In the recent two months, the focus of the Tourism 4.0 team in the project was on helping project partners finish RGD TIM assessments for 24 tourism locations. After the assessments were finished, we analysed the results and presented the results to project partners at the 6th SCOM meeting on 16.12.2021. In addition, we organised bilateral meetings with each project partner on 17.12. and 20.12. where it presented the results for their locations in more detail.

The focus of the presentation was to teach project partners how to understand the RGD TIM assessment report and how to identify key information, especially regarding data availability and reliability.

Also in the framework of the 6th SCOM Arctur organised 3rd and 4th training on digital innovation of natural and cultural heritage for the project partners. At the 3rd training, the project partners presented their “ideal” digitalisation of heritage projects in the form of pitches and Tourism 4.0 heritage experts provided feedback. At the 4th training, we presented various methods for the promotion and commercialisation of digital heritage.