Tourism 4.0 and Heritage+ Newsletters bring spectacular news!

date: 23.12.2021

category: News

2021 was an awesome year, dedicated to the development of new ideas and innovations in Tourism 4.0 and the Heritage+ Programme.

Before saying "Goodbye" to 2021, Tourism 4.0 and Heritage+ department released new issues of their newsletters, bringing to the community great news and achievements reached in this year. 

It was again an extraordinary year, but no challenge stayed unconquered. Tourism 4.0 was presented globally, and its digital tools and solutions were again creating new success stories, and bringing the Arctur innovation award. 

It was also an extremely good year for digitalization of cultural heritage. We successfully collaborated together with more than 30 destinations in Slovenia. In thousands of hours of hard work on different terrains and under unpredictable weather phenomenons our team patiently scanned, recorded, photographed and collected all necessary data on each location. With the help of state-of-the-art technologies and our supercomputer, more than 100 models of cultural monuments were built and more than 30 unique tourist experiences, including VR/AR, digital screens, digital projections, holograms and other advanced digital solutions, were developed and offered on the tourist destinations to visitors who now can enjoy 5-stars experiences.  

You are kindly invited to read Toursim 4.0 newsletter here, and Heritage+ newsletter here