Preservation of Cultural Heritage and Tourism Development

date: 09.10.2020

category: News

Arctur's digitisation experts will participate in additional five exceptional projects of digital innovation of Slovenian cultural heritage. Using advanced technologies, we will help to preserve the cultural heritage of Slovenia and develop innovative tourist products and services and thusly provide users with unique tourist experiences.

Do you know the history of the Šalek Valley?

We will discover it through three beautiful stories that will co-create three new tourist products of the Šalek Valley. One will be related to the Old Mine Shaft and to search for the sunken village, the other to Vošnjak's factory in Šoštanj, the history of leathermaking and Šoštanj's entry into the world of lordship, the third to the monument to Josip Broz Tito, Tito's Velenje and life in the times of constructing Tito’s Velenje. Arctur's digitisation experts will digitise three units of immovable cultural heritage, for the needs of the development of these products within the project acquired by the Šalek valley tourist board. Digital material and other archival materials of the three stories will be presented through a virtual (VR) experience on VR glasses, a video projection and billboard exhibit. The project is multidisciplinary and beside Arctur, which is the holder of the project, AV Studio, Alpe Adria Vita and Ines Drame cooperate in it.


Izola, as the name suggests, was an island - but many people are not aware of it.

As part of the project of the Izola Tourism Board, Arctur's experts will take part in the presentation of Izola as an island and take visitors through the turbulent history of this coastal town. A physical model of Izola will be set up in the city center, on which the transformation of the island into a part of the continent and the growth of the city will be shown through a projection on the model (i.e. video mapping). The most interesting points and objects will also be illuminated, with the possibility of viewing old photos and looking at enriched (AR) and virtual (VR-360°) reality. The content of the projection will follow the chronological development of the area, the purpose of which will be to highlight key events and direct visitors to an independent exploration of the city.


The story of mercury

Within the "DIDE Škofja Loka and Idrija" project of the Sora Development Agency and Idrija Tourist Board, Arctur's experts will 3D digitise two exceptional UNESCO World Heritage sites, namely the Idrija Kamšt and the Rotating Tube Furnace of the Hg Smelting Plant. The users of the application will get the chance to experience an interesting presentation of the operation of the Idrija Kamšt. The purpose of the project is to show these two monuments of cultural heritage in operation and thus bring innovative technical solutions, nowadays inscribed on the world heritage list, closer to the public.

idrija kamšt

Do you want to get to know Nova Gorica and the Vipava Valley?

As part of the project of Institute for Tourism Nova Gorica and Vipava Valley Arctur's experts will 3D digitise four units of immovable cultural heritage, prepare 3D digital reconstruction and make four promotional films. The films will be based on four exceptional stories: the story of connecting cultures (Solkan railway bridge), the story of innovative feudal lords with the spirit for development (Rihemberk Castle), the story of medieval wine marketing (castle in Vipavski križ) and the story of a hedonistic Roman soldier (Castra in Ajdovščina), on four turning points that marked this wonderful destination. As part of the web application, the user will experience through four different stories the viticultural and wine-growing, monastic, Roman and architectural heritage of the valley on the crossroad.

A pioneer of modern tourism in Slovenia

Arnold Rikli moved to the region of Lake Bled in 1854 and built there the first natural health resort. In cooperation with the Art Rebel 9 team and as part of a project acquired by Bled Tourist Board, we will 3D digitize Rikli's health resort, the monument to Arnold Rikli and the weather house with a memorial plaque. These materials will be the basis for a mobile application with an interactive map and AR content developed by Art Rebel 9 through which tourists will be able to get acquainted with Rikli's rich heritage. For tourists, the application will also serve as a navigation around Bled and its surroundings.

Arnold Rikli


If you are interested in this kind of projects or you have an original idea related to cultural heritage, but you don’t know how to implement it, contact us. Arctur’s team is here to support and advise you.