How does artificial intelligence direct modern tourism?

date: 21.07.2020

category: News

Arctur is developing an innovative initiative Tourism 4.0, where through research and development with the help of high technology encourages destinations, countries and wider regions to reflect and understand tourist flows, tourism effects, and above all, how to develop an individual destination so that the positive effects of tourism will be maximized.

The question, which was asked by Arctur researchers who have done massive work on developing Tourist Impact Model in innovative Tourism 4.0 initiative, was: "How can we use artificial intelligence and a supercomputer to predict tourist visits to destinations and redirect tourist flows to less touristy areas to relieve the most visited destinations?" 

Tomi Ilijaš, CEO, had an interesting interview with Radio Koper moderator, where he explained how does artificial intelligence in combination with big data and state-of-the-art technologies direct modern tourism. The second great achievement of this innovative hi-tech company was the measurement of the "point zero" in tourism during Covid-19 crisis. 

The discussion revolved around how to take advantage of the Industry 4.0 in co-creating tourism of the future. You are invited to read the article and listen to the podcast (in Slovene language only) here