New project: Digital innovation at 1600 metres above sea level

date: 30.06.2020

category: News

Arctur was selected by Zavod za turizem, šport in kulturo Kamnik to implement a bold idea of using digital content on Velika Planina high-altitute herdsmen's village to present its culture, heritage and uniqueness year-round in the valley below.

At Velika Planina, Arctur's team will be digitally capturing 3D and 360-degree content to showcase the uniqueness of one of Europe's few surviving high mountain herdsmen's villages – where traditional Alpine herdsmen's culture is still alive – through digital means.

By combining new 3D and 360-degree content with existing photographic, video and textual materials, we aim to tell the story of Velika Planina in a new and engaging way.

3D digitization of three cultural heritage monuments (two wooden dwellings and one wooden chapel) has already begun and will be followed by an aerial 360-degree photo and video shooting – to be later integrated into a wider interactive narrative through touch screens and VR glasses.

The solution wishes to bring the story and understanding of this delicate natural and cultural environment to audiences that do not visit the plateau in person, whether it be due to unpredictable weather or other reasons.