SesameNet project - an opportunity for European Small and Medium Entreprises

date: 26.01.2017

category: News

ARCTUR has been invited to take on the coordination role in the SesameNet project and enrich the consortia with its vast experience in bringing HPC services to SMEs.

Aim of the SesameNet project, founded by the EU Horizon 2020 programme, is to create an open and inclusive European network of Competence Centres and Organizations joining forces in order to raise SMEs’ awareness on HPC and to demonstrate its features and benefits. The network on the one hand enables its members to share experiences, exchange best practices, learn from each other, identify similarities and differences in the circumstances faced in each of the regions, to gain from synergy effects and on the other hand builds a significant mean to strengthen the European middle class. By pooling expertise ranging from classical simulation through high performance data analytics to machine learning, offering consulting services and providing interested SMEs to acquire and build internal expertise SESAME Net aims to become an entry point to HPC for SMEs even for SMEs from countries that do not currently have such centres.

Arctur will be focused on exploitation and sustainability of the project, will contribute in all Work Packages (WP) and will take over the lead in WP1 by reinforcing project management with 4PM (a Project Management tool, developed by Arctur) and WP2 in order to develop and sustain the Network. Arctur brought to consortia its method to assess the potential of SMEs to use HPC in Cloud, popularly called HPC4SME Assessment Tool. Together with other partners this tool was improved, automatized and brought to pan-European level.

Tomi Ilijaš, the CEO of Arctur and coordinator of SesameNet project stressed the importance of promoting HPC technologies to entrepreneurs and helping European SMEs to do the first steps: “From mid-February on, the European SMEs will be able to assess their potential by simply register on and compile the questionnaire. The answers will be processed in DEXi engine and the results of the test will be automatically delivered to SME, together with the recommendations on how to improve their competences and increase their potential of using HPC in Cloud. Sesamenet partner will help SMEs to go through the whole process, from assessment to first steps in HPC world, providing their expertise and free trial use of the HPC infrastructure.”





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