Arctur and Sugon announces the strategic cooperation on SC’16 – Super Computing Conference in Salt Lake City, USA

date: 14.11.2016

category: News

Sugon, China’s first brand of high-performance computing, jointly announced with Arctur, the ICT Company in Slovenia, the official completion of data center in Slovenia built by both parties through cooperation in the 29th International Supercomputing Conference (SC’16) held in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

99866714059412091.jpgArctur-2 is the first Sugon’s installation in continental Europe, and represents a Sugon’s major breakthrough in Europe, the traditionally advantageous high-performance computing market, and also become a significant milestone for Sugon’s implementation of globalization strategy.

It is learned that Arctur-2 Hyper-Converged System (the “Arctur-2 System”) deployed in such data center is designed and developed by Arctur, and high-performance infrastructure of Arctur-2 System is entirely provided by Sugon. Completion of the data center announces that Sugon’s high-performance computing equipment officially enters continental Europe and Slovenia will become Sugon’s bridgehead for exploring business in Europe.

Complementary Advantages, Grand Prospect of Data Center Can Be Expected

Leading high-performance computing strength of both parties is the foundation for building the data center. Sugon is China’s first brand of high-performance computing. After years of development, its business covers R&D and production, universal server, storage and cloud computing as well as corresponding software design, system management and technical support, etc.; as a representative of technology trend in high-performance computing industry in Europe, Arctur has participated in a number of international projects financed by the European Union. Arctur is committed to applying HPC services to SMEs and media industry, and it is a market leader in this particular field.

Unique product attributes provide the data center with superior product advantages. Arctur-2 System, the system tailored for the European market, has both superior computing capacity and a wide range of applications. Wang Lei, Vice President of Sugon, introduced that Arctur-2 System was a type of high-performance computing and cloud computing infrastructure based on hyper-converged architecture, and its design and building could be applied to a variety of scenarios, including but not limited to universal cloud computing, high-performance computing and small-scale big data analysis, etc. He also said that “it could be expected that Arctur-2 System would provide high-quality services for Arctur’s clients in Europe and around the world”.

Geographic advantages add new strength to the data center. Arctur, the company joins hands with Sugon, is only 80km away from the nearest Port of Koper, the port in the center of Europe. Located in the hinterland of Europe, Port of Koper occupies the ideal geographic advantages, and is the core collection and distribution center for all kinds of goods entering and leaving Europe. As the geographical center of Europe, Slovenia’s regional advantages will be very conducive to the further landing of Sugon’s information products in Europe.

Innovative Ideas, Entering Western Advantageous Market

According to Wang Lei’s introduction, Sugon and Arctur also creatively launch the “HPCaaS” business model (High-Performance Computing as a Service) in addition to the Arctur-2 System jointly designed and built by both parties so as to provide end users with integrated equipment and technical support. Under the HPCaaS Model, users can obtain the professional technical and service support from Sugon and Arctur in problem definition stage of using high-performance computing equipment, process of solution development, visualization of results and other links. Moreover, users can also participate in product development and R&D of applicable equipment products through cooperation.

“Sugon’s high-performance computing products and technology can seamlessly link the entire high-performance computing value chain from high-performance computing experts to independent software developer and from high-performance computing solutions providers and end users”. Wang Lei said that “we would devote ourselves to bringing the innovative high-performance computing technology and services to the center in Europe in the European strategic plan”.

North America and Europe are the traditionally developed markets in the field of high-performance computing. Completion of Sugon’s data center in Europe symbolizes Sugon’s business model in Europe transferring from OEM and other simple product penetration to highly integrated system and service fields, and it is an important progress of Sugon’s business development of products.