State-of-the-art in computer supported numeric simulations

date: 18.08.2009

category: News

On August 12, Arcturs' CEO Mr. Tomi Ilijaš, and head manager of TIA - Slovenian Technology Agency, Mr.Franc Gider, have signed a contract on co-financing of development and investment project that Arctur will be conducting during next two years. Contract singningArctur succesfully proposed a 2-milion-euro project to this years call for proposals, trough which TIA, on behalf of Ministry of the economy, supports R&D oriented invetments. Arctur's project includes transfer oflatest scientific discoveries in applied mathematics to the field of ICT, and development of market-oriented application for numeric simulations in composite materials industry. Development also involves research in the field of hybrid paralelisation of computational processes. The project investment includes setting up of a high performance computing infrastructure, necessary to develop, test, and run such a computationally demanding application. 

The project will be performed by Arctur's own reasearch and development team. Part of R&D activities will be carried out as joint effort with Nova Gorica-based company Spin, with Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Mechanics of University of Ljubljana, and with Josef Stefan Institute