Remote rendering on a supercomputer

date: 31.08.2011

category: News

Since August 2011, Arctur has been providing a new service: remote animation rendering on a supercomputer. The accelerated rendering can be used for the creation of both photorealistic representations and 3D computer animations.

To achieve high content quality, you need to generate 25 consecutive frames for every second of animation. This guarantees that you achieve a smooth transition between pictures since the human eye cannot detect flickering between pictures. We can greatly accelerate the workflow with our supercomputer as it enables us to render a large number of frames in parallel.

The service can be rapidly deployed for any new user. We avoid the tedious process of converting between different file formats by providing various software to ease the transition. The most popular commercial software, like 3ds Max and Maya, can take advantage of the computing power provided by our HPC. Freeware and open source software, such as Blender, provide powerful tools for creating high quality animations and are thus contributing to the appearance of multimedia and the internet.

Fotorealistično renderiranje

The opportunities are virtually limitless.  In addition to the popular services of Arctur’s creative studio, we also offer the creation of computer animations for webpages, TV and exhibition presentations and conferences. The use of computer generated graphics (CGI) has become commonplace in a vast number of film productions and is no longer solely the domain of large film studios.

We encourage all artists, animation creators and all other interested parties to join our growing base of satisfied partners and take full advantage of this new service. Feel free to contact us with any ideas or collaboration proposals.