UCC: University of Ljubljana and Arctur co-operation

date: 01.12.2008

category: News

University of Ljubljana rector, dr. Andreja Kocijančič, and Arctur's CEO, Mr. Tomi Ilijaš, signed an agreement on co-operation on further development of UCC, an IT solution for support of Univesity Career Center management and workflow.

tomi in rektorica

UCC solution is a result of a year-long mutual effort of Artur and University of Ljubljana. UL contributed a business and organizational logic that became a core of IT solution, technically developed and designed by Arctur. The final result is a state-of-the-art web-based solution for comprehensive support of career center activities. Various user groups profit from UCC:

  • Future students obtain key information and are well-directed when choosing their studies. The UCC is the first connection between future students and university, enabling students to apply for different consultancy services related to their choice of field of studies and additional subjects, especially in a spirit of the Bologna Reform.
  • Students can edit their own CV through the UCC, obtain personalized information as well as enabling them to be in constant connection with their own tutor. They obtain offers for employment or scholarships from employers and, according to employers’ needs, decide for potential additional training or changes of their field of studies.
  • The UCC helps employers in planning when choosing their personnel. In addition, advertising of the employer’s company and publication of open working posts are enabled. In fact, the UCC is an excellent service for the company’s personnel office.
  • The tutors can easily communicate with students through the UCC, inform them about interesting events and workshops, plan future studies and careers together with selected students, advise students on choosing the proper schedule of subjects, etc. Furthermore, the UCC enables easy reporting to administrators of the career centre at the university.
  • The university strengthens direct contacts with employers by means of UCC; strengthening the bonds between them, itself and its students. Finally, the university provides for the functioning and updating the UCC by means of funds acquired by employers’ advertising through the UCC.
  • University of Ljubljana is implementing the UCC solution gradually; presumably by the end of the year all user groups will be included.  A number of universities from outside Slovenia already expressed their interest in UCC solution. That, as well as UL disposition as a leading University in the region to enhance good practice transfer in other SE Europe universities, prompted the further development of the UCC system – the first step will be to make available a multi-language version of the solution.