High Performance Computing

Harness the power of our HPC services and solutions for industrial and scientific users in various technologically intensive fields.

We can assure you the deployment of your tasks in 24 hours to give you the results you need in the shortest amount of time!

Take advantage of our option of high priority computing; meaning that results can be provided the same day. HPC solutions vary based on your needs. Our HPC engineers will advise you to choose the optimal solutions for your needs.

Arctur-2 is the flagship hyperconverged HPC & Cloud computing infrastructure. It has been designed and built to fit various and diverse usage scenarios, from general use Cloud Computing to HPC computing as well as High Performance Data Analytics. By converging different types of servers into single entity the highest performance, energy efficiency and seamless management are achieved thus guaranteeing excellent and cost effective services to users.

Technical details:
- Intel Xeon CPUs
- more than 18GB of memory per core
- GPU nodes with NVIDIA Tesla GPUs
- Mellanox based network with 50Gbps connectivity per node
- CEPH storage

We support your most challenging and complex computational needs; while providing an innovation edge for achieving breakthrough results.

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Data Centre Services

Our highly available and on-demand scalable datacentre offers the highest levels of reliability and security. The infrastructure is prepared allowing the customers to start using datacentre services immediately, without the need for initial investments.

Datacentre was built in 2017 on our headquarters location in Nova Gorica, Slovenia. With a completely new IT and supporting infrastructure we can offer:

  • High-performance computing services
  • Hosting of virtual servers and private virtual data centers
  • Hosting of physical servers
  • Colocation services and RACK space rental
  • Backup and disaster recovery services

Main properties of the datacentre:

  • Redundant local network and internet connectivity
  • Redundant and modular UPS system with backup diesel generator
  • Redundant and efficient cooling system with free-cooling capabilities
  • Intrusion detection system, access control and video surveillance
  • 24/7 security system with intervention team ready
  • 24/7 monitoring and management of IT and supporting systems

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Cloud Computing

Our virtualization platform is based on VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus which is the industry-leading server virtualization software. To ensure high-availability, security and flexibility your we offer a redundant and high-performance infrastructure to host your virtual servers and virtual datacentres.

Backup infrastructure is based on Veeam, which allows you to back up your entire servers on our primary and also secondary (offsite) location.

Our services let you deploy a custom virtual datacentre or VPS with the configuration that suits you the best and offers you flexibility in upgrading and adapting your resources.


  • High-availability and fault tolerance
  • Daily backups
  • Snapshots
  • Remote console
  • Multi-tier enterprise storage
  • High-performance hosts
  • Microsoft software
  • Private media catalogue and server templates


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The Arctur Data Center offers the following security and service redundancy features.

Data center security features:

  • defined and limited operations space
  • double access verification and control
  • access possible only accompanied by auhorized personnel
  • security system: vibration, flooding, humidity comtrol, temperature control...
  • redundant internet connections (BGP)
  • remote control access
  • 24/7 video monitoring
  • 24/7 security surveillance

Phisical standard features:

  • anti-break-in doors
  • fireproof doors
  • movement, vibration, temperature, humidity, flooding sensors

24/7 surveillance features:

  • physical surveillance
  • alarming system connected to dispatch centre
  • intervention team ready

ISO 9001:2008 - Quality Management System implemented accross all company and security procedures.

HPC for SMEs

SMEs welcome!

Arctur HPC services are tailored on the SME end-user. We offer everything you need to get your results ASAP:

  • preconfigured and fully operational hardware
  • compiled and optimized software
  • pre-processing
  • expert support
  • remote visualization
  • post-processing

All this at a flexible pay-as-you-go pricing model. Pay only for what you actually use, without any hidden costs.


Not sure if you are ready for HPC in Cloud?

Assess your HPC readiness online. Many already did it.

Need some inspiration?

Arctur already supported similar applications within the framework of the Fortissimo, CloudFlow and CAxMan European projects. You can find the details of various cases below:

Simulation of light aircraft aerodynamics - Pipistrel (SI)

Simulation of steel casting - Ergolines (IT)

Design of high-pressure gas vessels - Mikrosam (FYR MK)

Design of copper-alloy molds - IMR (IT)

Simulation of page curling - Bookscanner (GR)

Optimization of a wave energy device - Zyba (UK)

Design of a water treatment plant - Akvola (DE)

Bicycle design and optimization - IDEC (ES)

Simulation of propeller icing - MT Propeller (DE)

Simulation of desalination systems - Vertoyo (GR)

Electronics design automation - EES (GR)

Optimizing air compressors - BOGE (DE)

Optimizing medical drug production - SES-Tec (AT)

Optimizing machining processes - Powerkut (UK)

Optimising extrusion dies - DHCEA Tools (DE)

Improving fire safety of public buildings - COTTES (ES)

Optimizing the 3D printing of gears - STAM (IT)

Optimizing the production of injection molds - Novatra (FR)

or you can continue exploring by downloading the sucess story booklets available on the links on the right.